Branding and video production for
architecture projects and competitions

The architect Rem Koolhaas regards “spatial montage” as “the largest part of my work”. Like a script writer he conceives “sequences of episodes which build suspense and a chain of events”.

The manifold analogies between architecture and film inspire us to explore the potential of spatial experience in multimedia, recreating the atmosphere on-site for remote representations.

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Portrait by Marko Mestrovic

CIN CIN has worked closely with clients from the fields of art, culture and architecture. Driven by our holistic mindset, we develop custom corporate designs and videos for investors, developers and architects to better present their work and to market their building projects, taking into account the specific demands of today’s communication and its different media channels.


  • Corporate designs, websites and architecture videos
  • Graphic design and web design, tailor-made for each project
  • Motion design: animation of diagrams and architectural plans to better communicate concepts for competition entries and marketing purposes
  • Storytelling: video concepts, scripts and direction
  • Storyboard: development of a specific look and sound design
  • Video shooting: aerial shots with drones, architectural impressiones and filmed interviews
  • Post-production: editing, title design and export for various platforms and specified usage



  • AllesWirdGut Architektur
  • Altmannsdorf und Hetzendorf (Developer)
  • art: phalanx
  • ARTEC Architects
  • Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects
  • EGKK Landscape Architecture
  • Eisenhof (Developer)
  • feld72
  • Heimat Österreich (Developer)
  • Heimbau (Developer)
  • rajek barosch Landscape Architecture
  • realitylab
  • S + B Group (Developer)
  • Schenker Salvi Weber Architects
  • StudioVlayStreeruwitz
  • Superblock
  • wup – Wimmer and Partner


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