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Impulstanz 2022

How does the dance community deal with climate change, diversity, tolerance, body positivity, etc.? How do we ultimately deal with the environment?

For the fourth year running, CIN CIN was responsible for the multimedia campaign for the international dance festival. 

Since its establishment in 1984, the ImPulsTanz-Vienna International Dance Festival has been a platform for diverse positions in contemporary dance. The programme, consisting of performances, workshops, research, parties, screenings, museum cooperations, etc. attracts more than 130,000 visitors every year.

The performers in the visuals balance a globe on their fingers and demonstrate an attitude that is important for Impulstanz: a contemporary dance festival must take place in relation to current social questions and challenges. How does the dance community deal with climate change, diversity, tolerance, body positivity, etc.? How do we ultimately deal with the environment?

The campaign stands for the social change, also seen in dance, that has slowly but surely been taking place in the last decade. Instead of showing exclusively thin, white bodies, diverse bodies are to be depicted and celebrated. And people are to be lifted onto the stage just as they are

Paula Pfoser, Leonie Razumovsky, (22.7.2022)

Fantastic Visual Worlds …

Together with the photographer Julian Lee-Harather and the floral designer Alma Bektas, we created a fantastical world of images bursting with energy, radiating the marvel, the sense of discovery and the desire to move that arises during the festival.

… from the Community

Every year, it is important to us to work with performers from both the local and international dance community. It goes without saying that we casted with an eye on diversity and body positivity. Anna Gaberscik and Ina Holub—both of whom are prominently featured in the motifs—will themselves be holding a course at Impulstanz 2022 that is explicitly aimed towards dance enthusiasts who have experienced discrimination.


ClientImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
ServicesBranding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design 
ProgramOut-Of-Home Campaign, Festival Trailer, Programme Catalogue, Brochures, Printed Matter, Web Banner, Merchandise, Website etc.
TeamStephan Göschl, Gerhard Jordan, Jasmin Roth
CollaborationsJulian Lee-Harather (Photos and Artwork), Alma Bektas (Floral Design), Vincent Wagner (3D-Lettering), Sarah Bzoch (Hair & Make-up), Patricia Narbón (Styling), Marcus Fisch, Anna Gaberscik, Ina Holub, Christian Polster (Performers)

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