CIN CIN is a studio for motion, print
and web design based in Vienna, Austria.

Versed in film theory and the practical aspects of video production, we create original short films, documentaries and trailers that merge images, sound and typography to make a multi-sensorial impression. Moving images are highly capable of grabbing our attention and evoking emotions like no other visual language can. This is probably why the demand for videos is growing across all platforms and professions.

AllesWirdGut Insights
Kuniyoshi | Ukiyoe now
Robert La Roche: Personal View

Shunga: Erotic Art from Japan
ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
MAK – Animated Intro

Business Riot Summit
Bentwood and Beyond
Hieb Magazine

We are passionate about print: we love to read, enjoy excellent typography on exquisite paper and appreciate a well-designed book or magazine. Every print project should originate in a thought-out concept. We then carefully choose the format, material and binding for art catalogues, brochures and other printed media, such as exhibition displays and signage elements. Our experience in indie publishing brings the added bonus of editorial know-how.

Digital design and development can, in our opinion, not be separated. Front and back ends need to be conceived of at the same time. Only this way can we structure the content of a website, develop its usability and polish the front end to achieve the highest level of performance. We create a tailor-made experience for every project, delivering state-of-the-art technology and contemporary web design for our clients and collaborators.

Selected Projects & Clients

Architectural Video Presentation for Competition Entry

Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects


Printed Matter: Books, Programs and Posters

Literaturhaus NÖ


Architectural Video Presentations for Competition Entries

Heimbau & Eisenhof